Process is very important to me! It shapes my pre-production mental processing, and makes my production process so much easier.

As an artist working in a digital field, process is the engine that drives forward progress. The discipline is the gasoline!

Here are some example of processes I use:
Art Dojo - My collection of Trello cards full of interesting topics and helpful guides that I share with my art teams.

Material Breakdowns (Shader Packs) - A process I designed for breaking down the concept art I receive.

Gun process: A process I learned for making hand-painted hard surface objects. Requires a lot of layer organization!

Gun - A link to a material breakdown (shader pack) of a hand-painted gun I made.
Infiniminers (Creatures) - A breakdown of one of the tragic heroes of Infinifactory
Laptop Prop - A laptop!
VFX - Coming soon.

And of course, The Scientific Method:
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Can't live without it.
Nothing makes problems easier to tackle then this simple proven way of expressing a question and finding answers.

Though we are artists, critical and creative thinking should come together when we problem solve.